Iliad…A Reflection of Courage, Truth, Wisdom and Realities of Life

Victory is not always when we win, but it is rising each time we fall.

Indeed, the Iliad manifests values in our lives. It is believed that the triumph is in the hands of the Greeks but victory would soon be in the path of the Trojan warriors for the coming leaders would raise their own success.

Behind the long narrative poem written in a lofty style, Iliad creates a new source of ideas about the Greek customs. After many generations, Iliad still remains in literature. It was passed from centuries through centuries and many writers tried to continue the unfinished stories of some characters. Behind the success of Virgil, Dante, Shakespeare and the other writers who pursue their lives in literature, no one can defeat the masterpiece of Homer. Homer was an exemplary writer of all times. He had a brilliant idea about the Trojan War but in fact, nobody knows his background and even his own family history. His masterpiece, Iliad gave lessons which enhance our dreams. To some, they were more encouraged to pursue in the field of writing. Others still lived by the footsteps of Helen, who did everything for Paris whom she loved. Many followed Hector and the mighty warrior Achilles for their courage. Some lived by the principles of Zeus as the god of all. Iliad build hundreds and even thousands of reasons why we need to live day by day. It is because each new day gives us hope and when we have this hope, there are no limits in everything.

Iliad leaves a mark that is surely in our hearts. Writers and even people in society loved the epic and it’s a great masterpiece.


i made this when i was still in highschool and i just want to share this one to you. :)

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