Temptation of Wife

So my mama and I were watching the TV series Temptation of Wife all night long. I swear I had teary eyes and my mama bursted out in tears. The ending is such a blast. There’s someone crying everytime, and more drama. I guess they have 128 episodes and the last three episodes are kudos! I did hate Heidi for so long in the series but the way she handled everything, knowing she had a dreadful cancer is really making me feel guilty towards everything. And of course Nino is always supportive of her mom. Actually, Heidi and Marcel died together but they want it that way. They died in each other’s arms in the beach where Angeline almost drowned. No wonder there’s always drama in the moment. I loved the scene where Heidi is pouring all her agony and sadness to her stepmom, which is Angeline’s mom through the years. They all feel sorry for Heidi but there’s nothing they can do about it.
And finally, Marcel have come to his senses. He did a good thing for once in his life. He sacrificed for Heidi and he really mean it. All the other characters are just superb. They made me cry. Good lesson? There are A LOT. First of all, take your time. Tell people you love that you care for them because we may never know when the time is running out. Like Marcel, he did love Heidi until his last breath. Secondly, happiness comes from the heart. Earthly things won’t let you be happy. Though Angeline had the best career in the world, she thought that something is still missing. A piece that would complete him and that is Nigel. :]

The series is really good and no wonder, it lasted for a while. ♥

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