The Old Dogs

Saw that movie? Most of the critics said it was lame. As quoted, the movie was a pile of trite, clichéd garbage. But I would definitely say this movie was awesome. It just got some low key vibe. Though the movie started with a little part of some sort of bachelor gone wild party, the momentum is definitely heart-warming. Old Dogs is a kind of a true story for some although it’s a Disney movie. All thorough out, it gave me smiles and laughter but the drama is still intertwined with the cute moments. It’s like imagining you’re having the best of your career and suddenly you’ll have little kids for two weeks. And those kids are yours. Travolta and Williams won my appreciation towards the end when they chose to be with the kids’ birthday no matter what. Superhero? Maybe. But Williams said he would rather be a dad. Because heroes are always on call and all he wanted was to be with his kids. I don’t know if this movie won some awards but one thing is for sure. This is not a waste of time. I almost cried when Williams tried to explain his Marketing plans when all of a sudden the videos and pictures of the happy moments with his family popped out. And he reached out for the *DAD’S LISTS* and that made me sob! :(

anyway, Travolta and Williams have been pretty old dogs for years. They do care for each other and as what Williams said to Travolta, *you believe in me when i don’t believe in myself* :] this movie is really awesome and though it’s a comedy, there’s a lot of good moments and lessons with it. Enjoy! ♥

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