No Valentines For Me

But I’m still happy. That day doesn’t only belong for those people who have someone to romantically spend the day with. I’d be happy just sleeping the whole day. Honestly, I’ve never had someone before but I think that’s perfectly alright. You know, the destiny thingy. I don’t really look for someone right now because I believe there’s none for me. Yes, none. Because maybe I can take care of myself. Want a little secret?

There’s a guy I’ve been crushing on since the first day of my school. He’s kinda cute in every way. He talks about random things and truly makes my heart beat faster than ever. Gah, I’m only 6 at that time. Childhood crush, I should say. He lives nearby and that is one of the billion things I am thankful of. But now I’m in college, 17 and still has nothing, I am still crushing on him. More than 10 years of waiting, I suppose. He’s my facebook friend but I don’t have the courage and urge to like his posts or whatever. I just don’t want to mess things up. I want to stay that way. Forever alone, gah!

And for the Valentines, I’d just be online talking bout the weather and random stuffs like there’s nothing special. There’s none for me but there’s a big day for a lot of people. Wait! Valentine’s isn’t only for people who has a romantic relationship. It’s for everyone. It’s for friends who cares for each other, for families that secures each member forever, for people who express their love in total strangers. See? I am not alone on that day. There’s a lot more dreaming. Yes, dreaming can take me to the farthest places we don’t know. And since prince charming is not on his way to sweep me off my feet, I’d rather wait for him. I don’t know. But for now, movie? Heck, Yeah!

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