My Bestfriend, Lucille.

This is my bestfriend, Lucille. We’ve known each other since gradeschool. Things I like about her? She’s outgoing, crazy and friendly. We studied in the same private girls highschool in Cavite but we have never been classmates since then. And now I am attending at Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Taguig and she’s in the main branch in Sta. Mesa.

I just called her hours ago. We talked about random stuffs. Man, this girl is really cool. She likes to handle business and eager to be successful. She even consults her horoscope about stuffs. So when I told her my zodiac is Rooster and hers is Monkey, she freaked out. She said “Nakoo. Di naman successful sa business ang Rooster ngayon. Ang sabe kasi sa Monkey, lahat ng business na papasukin mo, magiging successful.” I just don’t know what to say in reply. Hey, I’m taking Marketing Management so better or not, I can handle things especially business matters. Trust me I can!

I promised to edit some of her pictures on photoshop and there it is! I admit I’m not really good in photoshop but I like to be creative and have more ideas. Random things? She told me she’ll stay for a while here in our home. She’s really crazy but I’m her friend. So we’re both crazy.. I guess?

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