Time Flies

I recently opened my wordpress account. Damn, the last time I opened this was ages ago. Kidding. So, now I can safely say I have new ideas. Yeah. These past few months, most of my posts are just about things bugging me. And now, I will try to focus more on things I am grateful for. Things that will help me. And most specially, things that will make me happy.

I do not want to share this link to anybody. Even my friends. Because I have decided this site will be my journal. Like my online diary where I could burst things out. Notice that I don’t give links for my facebook, twitter and formspring. I just want this just to be personal. It’s like only random strangers will visit this page and leave. I am thinking of putting things about my highschool days and my long time crush and random stuffs.

This is my life, this is my site.

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