I’m Absent.

I didn’t feel like it. No school for me but I don’t feel like being at home for the moment either. No Yippies and no Hurrah.

Why? Migraine. Too many thoughts! Mostly because of school. *which I hate* But dropping it? Hell no. Who wanna go to school by the way? Teenagers don’t. But I’m always there staring and counting the seconds. Milliseconds, I suppose. And last night, something terrible happened that just can’t be out of my head until now.

What am I gonna do? I opened my accounts. I ran a few likes and reblogs and finally reading a post. Strikes me. Children from Africa are so unfortunate.

Sure, I feel guilty now. They struggle so hard studying but what about me? Just because I didn’t feel like it I don’t want to go to school anymore. I need to grow up. I mean, what am I doing? I’m in college. Marketing Management. Managers don’t do stuffs that I do. Uh, this is very unimaginable. I am super lucky to have things and I am not grateful as I should have been.

I know it isn’t easy for us to take school seriously but future depends on it. What happens if we miss school? Jobless. And realizing now, even if I want to come to school, I’d be late. No classes tomorrow for us, though. But we have 3 classes on Saturday and one of ’em is Accounting. Oops. A hard one. But that’s the way it is.

And for now, I’d help clean the house, I’d study and most of all read good books!

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