Remember Me, A Reflection

Whatever you do in life will be insignificant. But it’s very important that you do it

I’ve been speechless after watching the movie and I’ve been contemplating on what to say about it. It’s very rare and compelling. The kind that just strikes and leaves you broken-hearted. It’s a small story but it hands out a very big lesson. It captures individuals’ emotions dealing with love problems, loss, bullies, depression and life.

I swear to God this is one of the best films I’ve ever seen. There’s a lot to handle in this film. It left a mark on me that say I should never get tired of doing good things. That every day, there are things I have to deal with whether they’re good or bad. Things that will change me for the better or worse. But what matters most is that every deed we have each day could change someone else’s too. Might as well leave them a good deed. As much as I want to have a happy ending in the movie, it took my heart away. There are a lot of reflections going on inside me. And so I thought, although I am not very much accustomed having the good and preferred life now, I must try to be a blessing to someone. Try being nice. And this movie helped me be focused on the positive as well as the negative side of everything.

I know nobody would care to read about this, but that is okay. Because each one of us deals with different drama every day. But who knows? Maybe this post will be randomly read by some random person and understand what I mean. And for that, thank you.

We cannot live forever. But you know what? Maybe it’s a good thing. Death teaches us that somehow, there are things that we cannot do forever. Life teaches us to hold on things we have right now and appreciate them. Like Tyler Hawkins on the movie portrayed by Robert Pattinson, we don’t know what will happen next. Good for him, he left his love ones with the best memories of him.

Be a blessing. Good day.

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