When Am I Gonna Start My Life?

After the shocking news about the sudden death of the young actor, AJ Perez, I started reflecting upon my daily life. Good for him, he left tons of beautiful memories to his beloved.

So I thought, death is unpredictable.

Last night when AJ was dying it was around 12:10 am. And I’m still online watching a movie. It’s creepy to think that I was there enjoying something while somebody is grasping for his last breath. I slept 2:00 in the morning without thinking about the things I need to do the most. Like, praying. I did not pray last night. I am guilty for that.

AJ is a good, loving and respected guy. Why would he die for that young age? Nobody knows. But the truth is, we are all destined to die. Maybe not now or the coming days but who knows?

And so I ask, when am I gonna live my life? I don’t want it to be wasted. I want to be remembered.

After the tribute on ASAP, I don’t want to watch TV this day anymore. It’s like they’re performing but I could still sense the pain. Yet, the show must go on.

There are a lot of things I have reflected upon but still I tend to forget them.

I’m sorry, AJ. You will forever be missed. ♥

2 thoughts on “When Am I Gonna Start My Life?

  1. we have the same feeling too.i was shocked when i saw his picture after the asap’s tribute to him.=(
    how sad.i told myself that even in a young age,if it’s your time,it’s your time.wala nang makakapigil pa non.

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