Nature’s Beauty

This was filmed between the 4th and 11th of April, 2011. It is filmed on Spain’s highest mountain, El Teide. It is considered to be one of the best places in the world to photograph the stars. 


The Sisters of Mary School.

Gah. I visualize my school as a prim and proper one. Prolly one of the best schools ever created. And I never regret going in there. You remember Judy Abbott? That’s what it looks like. Only, its real for me.

I was 12 when I finished grade school. That time, I knew I have to find a way to somehow try to make things better for us. We’re not very rich and I decided to take a scholarship from a school. A school I never knew what could offer me. But one thing is for sure. I want to study. Eventually, I took the exam and passed it.

My parents accompanied me going in that all-girls exclusive school. I knew it will be very hard for us to do this not mentioning I have to stay there for the whole year and take a vacation during January for two weeks only. That’s kind of hard especially it’s my first time to be apart from them.

My first day was really hard. Getting to know people, learning how to be independent. Our school was run by nuns. So, expect us to be the lady-like type. I have a hard time fighting home sickness. Like every night, I would cry myself to sleep like the other girls. My dormmates came from different areas in the country too. Some from Bicol, Palawan, Manila (like me), Baguio, name it. Practically, we’re still kids. Freshies. We’re not prone to these type of dramas. But surprisingly, we finally got ourselves back and feel like we’re still a family.

In my school, we learn a lot of spritual things. We pray several times a day which is great and because of that, I’ve grown loving Jesus and praising His name. Honestly, I’ve sensed a calling back then. It’s like I wanted to stay in the school to be one of the nuns. But that didn’t happen obviously. I serve God in my own way.

My stay there was sweet. And once in a month, I expect letter from my parents. Receiving a letter was a great relief. And when you got one, you’ll be envied by many. Some girls would cry once they read their family’s stories but as for me, I never cried. We’re just cities away. I’m only in Cavite. They’re in Manila and it’s not that far.

I would say one of the unforgettable moments I had was when I’m finally on my senior year. I never felt so alone in my life. Going to garden alone, being awkward to everybody because I’m just quiet. Occasionally seeing your classmates chattering and you’re somewhere staring blankly behind. I’m a nerd. But luckily, I got my folks around. Real good folks.

Ms. Lorelie Asuncion. She’s one of my mentors and she kept on inspiring me in every way. She inspired me to write and somehow, make my reader grew fond of my words. She is really great. Did I mention I got a medal because I was so eager to make her proud because of me?

Highschool. They say you’ll never forget these years. And as for me, it’s true. Although there are unconquerable problems that hit me harder than I thought, I’d definitely want to have my memories back. I should say there are problems. Problems everywhere. We have those everyday. But guess what? The most important thing is that we have our love ones to help us thorough those things.

I won’t forget my highschool years. Tears

(I’d probably write another essay when I finally finished College. Haha.)