A Modern FairyTale

Prince William of Wales and Princess Catherine, Her Royal Highness the  Duchess of Cambridge 

William and Kate. Their love story is very precious. In the first place, Kate Middleton was a commoner who fell in love with a prince. But to her surprise, the prince loves her too.

Isn’t it very touching to see a real fairytale? It’s like girls of today daydream that someday, a prince will come and sweep them off their feet. Magical, isn’t it? For me, their love defines each other. And the ring that Prince William gave to her fiance was the ring her mother, Princess Diana wore. That is to show how he really love and cherish Kate.

It was 11am at London when their wedding started. There are a lot of people who attended. Of course, The Royal Family of United Kingdom arrived and most especially Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II. She was welcomed warmly at the Westminster Abbey alongside her husband and her son, Prince Charles.

The union of the two was witnessed by millions of people all over the world. To me, their wedding melted my heart. To see a girl finally making her dreams come true, to be clothed of the finest garments and to walk on the aisle to see the man of her dreams. It is just a love I wouldn’t forget.

The beautiful bride and her sister, Pippa Middleton as her bridesmaid. She’s beautiful, too.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry, the younger brother of Prince William. He’s a a very awesome guy! And I’m totally in love with him.

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