They are known for The Junior Masterchef Australia and they are my inspiration to be good at my siblings and to everyone.

Sofia and Isabella are twins from Queensland, Australia. They both auditioned and got to be a part of a cooking show. Both are very lovely and they are memorable. Successfully, they entered the top 4.

But in the end, only should win. And Isabella made that happen.

But you know what strikes me the most? It is when the judges asked Sofia what was her most memorable moment. She answered, “Standing here knowing that my beautiful sister is on the top 2” 

I cried when I realized that Sofia and Isabella are very thankful for each other. I mean, how many times did we cursed our siblings? Especially our clumsy brothers? Even if we’re mad at them, they’ll be a part of us no matter what.

And like these two young sisters, we must be thankful for everyone’s existence and be happy if they got something. No revenge because love is all we have to offer.

Here they are :

Every challenges, they cheered each other. That’s pure love. No hate.