I expected nothing. And nothing turned into something.

I’m officially 18 now. Thing will be better and I will try my best not to be occupied with unhappy thoughts. Life is short so why waste it? I realized it better to smile than to frown. It’s easier to give than to take. It’s happier just to stay alive and be positive.

Last night, I was mumbling about my last moments of being a 17. It was a short year but a lot of things happened. A lot of people were involved. I slept at 3 in the morning because a memory haunts me. Not to mention I still have my stomach pain from the day before. I was contemplating to what will happen if I turn out to be 18. Someone who will become a woman. It still confuses me to think that someday, I’m gonna be 19 then 20 then 21.. then, older. Sometimes, I think ages are weird. But future, as I see it-completes me and my dreams.

I woke up at 8 in the morning. I found my aunt and she greet me warmly. She’s cooking and my mom is on her way from the market. I never expected things to happen. Next thing I know, the kitchen is a mess. They’re cooking! As much as I love to help, but I don’t know how to cook. I appreciate our closest friends and neighbors to help us and give something to me just to make me happy. They cooked a lot of food and they’re making me hungry. I appreciate my mom’s hard work for this day. She really wants this day to be special for me and for everyone.

I personally went to Goldilocks to get my cakes. Actually, the other one is for my brother who’ll be celebrating his 17th on Friday. When I got on my Grandma’s house (I decided to celebrate my debut there) a lot of people are greeting me. Some familiar, some I just know by face. And then I realize that those negative thoughts I had for years should be over or somehow, ignored. Because I realized that I have a life. I should not end it the way I want it to. There are a lot of people who thinks that I have something in me. Who believes in me. People who actually care for me. My family, love ones and friends completes me. And to Jesus guides me wherever and whenever I am, You’re My Life.

I got some gifts too from my family and friends. My mama bought me a school backpack (I told her to buy me a backpack because I will carry lots of things since I’m the new secretary of our class). My ninang gave me a black shoulder bag and I think it’s gorgeous! A lot of people contributed food for my debut and I am so happy! My cousin bought two boxes of ice cream, my friend gave me a perfume. My special friend, Jillian gave me a gift I am very thankful about. I really appreciate the fact that technically, we don’t see each other even a single time but still gave an effort to give me a gift. It was a shirt and I am happy my URL was printed on it. I don’t know how I will reciprocate that kindness but still, thank you.

One thing that stands out in this particular day is that happiness is not only about material things or words. Most of the times, they’re about love and appreciation. We make our own happiness. It is up to us to whether we’ll be happy or turn the things upside down.


And here I am eating my last piece of cake.


Le Cake~

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