A Misguided Soul

There are voices in my head

Sometimes, they argue to what should happen next.

I tried to stop them but they shout louder

I stumbled upon and can’t fight because I’m not stronger


I was once the sun

But my light went weaker when the day is done.

I tried to be the moon

But they told me I should be out soon.


They pushed and pulled me all the way through

All I know this was a punishment I don’t know what for

I kept all the fire inside me

Knowing that nobody would try to kill it for free


I am a misguided soul wandering

Through the ages and pages the world is offering

I wonder what would happen if I skip a walk today

Would anyone stop and see if I’m crying?


Don’t be sorry for me I do not hate my life.

It’s just that I’m starting to believe that I’m out of anybody’s sight.


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