A poem I wanted to sing

She pretends to smile but I know the difference

Got her knees skinned from asking forgiveness

now I’m wondering how many other things could be different

in a second, if I had to push inside myself to throw all the things I know so well


I wonder if there’s a big clock somewhere that stops time

because I’d pay everything that I’d cost to you

And it costs less than my mistakes

Well now we all know that’s not true


You’re clothed with pride, what are you saying?

You can hold your life in your hand carefully

Be careful not to fall over, break and end it.

I probably say these to you before it all burn up


There’s an upside-down junk pile where nobody goes

The ground is hard dirt and there are beetles crawling all around

We make mistakes and we run from them

Just let me be here until my time is up



*This poem is made out of my inspiration, Turn It Off by Paramore.

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