Story in my head

She gasped for breath after the long and tiring run. Her skin burns from the intense sun.
“Energy drink, you need?” His eyes twinkled.
“Sure” She responded and took a sip from a cold cup.
And thus, begins the greatest love story ever written.

And there you go again.

That was first thing that popped on my mind when I caught a glimpse of you walking towards me. Here you go again, back to your old ways. Those playful yet meaningful gestures. You pinched my cheeks and uttered some of the heart-melting words only you could say.

And every single time I see you even in the most unusual of places, I mumble the same flabbergasting thoughts to myself. I told myself a thousand times this fantasy would end. But I guess my mind just wander off every time I tried to put these words.

Silly me.