Of Bruises and Pain.

It’s strange to think how patient and self-sacrificing I am.

I’ve kept all the anger and pain though it penetrates my whole being. The excruciating pain bothers me but still, I don’t utter things that would hurt people who killed me in return.

Strangely, I accept every failures and heartaches but why am I still the bad one? The thought of keeping all the emotions inside makes me sick. Like, one more burden will make me burst. I don’t want it.

Help! Help me.

You think you know me but you don’t. because you never open your mind and see the facts. Hurting facts that I can live too. I’m not dead. Don’t treat me like I’m a misguided spirit.

I wonder what would people think if I am gone all of a sudden. Funny because no one would care.

Thank you, thank you.

It’s sad how I’ll leave this world with no significant memories.

Am I dead?



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