Adulthood 101

It never occurred on my mind that I’d work and have a job somewhere in the Metro. But when I received a text informing me that I’ll have an interview for a fastfood store where I once handed out my resume, I realized I need to grow up.

For the past months, me and my friends were discussing how are we gonna earn some moolah since we want to buy infinite things and we want experience for working. I honestly just want to stay in my bed forever and creep on the net and write some more and maybe drink tons of coffee but because they want to have a job, I say I must do it too! Peer Pressure, as you say but for the better. Personally, I’d just want to sleep all day long just like the pandas. But I have to fight laziness, shut down the laptop (bye, internetz!) and get out of bed.

We tried a call center company somewhere in Sucat but when we got there, our knees were just shaking and we decided just to eat at the shopping mall around the corner and laugh how coward we are. After a delicious snack, we went to some fast food stores around and yeah, passed some resume.

And now, one of them texted me saying I’ll have an interview on Tuesday! Thank God, we don’t have class that day.

If money isn’t really a “needed” thing, I’d rather stay on my room and read Catcher in the Rye and contemplate on how my writing skills could be done better. But since we’re not on the Stone Age anymore, I have to think straight and do things an 18-year-old should do. Oh, I’ll exercise my lazy bones.

Best wishes for my midterms exam on Accounting tomorrow. Oh crap.

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