I’m a Walking Cliché

People want my advice most of the time.

There are certain people who leaves me messages on Facebook or texts me in the middle of the night. One of them thoughtfully said that I give good advices.

Creepy as it sounds, I can’t give myself an advice. Isn’t it ironic how we could solve someone else’s problems when in fact, we can’t solve ours?

Are you alone?

Are you alone?

(As always, you know.)

Afraid and unwanted?

(Trembling in cold, ashamed and hated)

All my life, I’ve yearned for something I cannot name

(Dreams are dangerous for they kept you dreaming)

Drowned in illusions of false promises

(Praying that one day, just one day.. a new hope)

My Saturday Dilemma

I would love to compare my day to a rollercoaster.

First off, I lost a hundred peso when I went to school. I was late but then we were dismissed after 10 minutes. Like, duh! Our professor should have told us that we were just wasting our time. I just can’t even! I was happy that my friends were happy for me that I got an interview with Yellow Cab. :”>

We had a super early lunch at 9am. Then from 10am to 3pm, we studied for our Accounting.

Yeah, it was easy but then our professor became a dragon and started shouting so loud! Poor Jen, she was blamed for everything. Including Ambo who was just comforting Jessa. I felt sorry for Nhine and Eric too.

Oh, I’ll study for the next week’s saturday class. I just wish Gabriela Silang won’t be mad again. I wish!

I was mad when I got home. And the reason is soo… nevermind!