My Saturday Dilemma

I would love to compare my day to a rollercoaster.

First off, I lost a hundred peso when I went to school. I was late but then we were dismissed after 10 minutes. Like, duh! Our professor should have told us that we were just wasting our time. I just can’t even! I was happy that my friends were happy for me that I got an interview with Yellow Cab. :”>

We had a super early lunch at 9am. Then from 10am to 3pm, we studied for our Accounting.

Yeah, it was easy but then our professor became a dragon and started shouting so loud! Poor Jen, she was blamed for everything. Including Ambo who was just comforting Jessa. I felt sorry for Nhine and Eric too.

Oh, I’ll study for the next week’s saturday class. I just wish Gabriela Silang won’t be mad again. I wish!

I was mad when I got home. And the reason is soo… nevermind!

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