Forgive me– I am only God.

I cannot speak your language
I cannot titillate
I can’t caress
I cannot give orgasmic ecstacy.

And so compared to your great lovers
Compared to your reality
I am inadequate I am uncaring
I am irrelevant I am untrue .

Forgive me forgive me forgive me
I cannot speak your language
For I am only God.

But…I speak the stars,
I speak the moon!
I speak the ocean, the river, and the rain!
I speak the little baby!
I speak the lovely rose!
I speak your eyes,your hands,
The beating of your heart.

I speak forgiveness, I dry the tears
I heal your wounds
I am the loving presence
I am the tender touch
When you are lost
And broken and alone.

And when the numbness
And the terror of your shattered, dark
Cold night is gone…
I still continue—-holding,
Shielding, warming
Your lonely,frail and trembling hand.

AND then I speak the glorious sunrise!
I speak the brilliant splendor
of the dawn!
Come then my child.
And let us begin again…
And let us begin again!

I am Eternity. I am the Truth.
I am the Source, the Meaning of all life!
I am your Perfect Father-Mother!
I speak the language of your soul
I am the meaning of true love.

Please, please forgive me.
For I am only God.

by JJ S.J.
Copyright 1998 Fr.Arsenio C. Jesena, S.J.

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