The Word Exposed

I was on the Church the whole day. I am renewed spirit. Thanks to God!

Saturday’s situation have been bugging me for the whole night and waking up this morning at 7 is difficult since I dreamed that I wouldn’t pass my interview on Tuesday at Yellow Cab.

I turned on the television and found boring Sunday Morning channels- until I saw a familiar face. Bishop Luis Antonio Tagle. It’s been a while now since I heard his voice again. I remember him giving us good homily at every special celebration at my alma mater way back highschool years. He’s been a great priest and now that he’s appointed as the Archbishop of Manila, I couldn’t believe how blessed I am to somehow, meet a man who was touched by the Pope and lives the life to the fullest because he knows God is everything he could ask for. I am so proud that I once knew him and touched my heart with the Word of God.

The lesson he taught us on his show was about Vocation. He said there are four kinds of vocation: Priesthood, Married Life, Religious Life and Single Blessedness. 

Are we aware of how God wants us to be? Bishop Chito said he himself didn’t know how he ended up as a servant of God, too.

We knew what Priesthood, Married Life and Religious Life are. But what striked me most is the Single Blessedness. Most of us were thinking this should be the last option but it shouldn’t be because we are still giving ourselves in Christ through serving Him. And there are a lot of good people on the Church who help.

And yes, whenever I think of  Single Blessedness, it might be weird but I don’t think it’s too unimaginable. I mean, I could see myself serving God. I don’t care if I don’t marry or what, as long as God is with me. While most teenagers think of married life in the near future, I am still not sure but if Christ is with me, I can do it. And I’ll do it for Him.

I’ll remember Jesuit Priests. I have this book that I read when I was in third year high school. I was really captivated and it never left my mind since then and now, I keyed in on Google the Jesuit Priest author and thank God, I found JJ, or Juni Jesena, is Fr.Arsenio C. Jesena III of the Society of Jesus. His books are so great. I recommend everyone to read them. There are articles online too (I found them and would be reading later).

It was around 9am when the show ended. Just before 11am, we headed on the Precious Cornerstone Independent Baptist Inc. to celebrate their 5th anniversary and hear the Word of God.

I am a Catholic and attending their mass for the first time is nerve wracking. First off, I expected a whole lot of singing and yes, there are a lot.

I learned so much from their theme : Go Forward for the Cause of God.

In our time, our generation have been named as Self Age because we do not seek what God wants for us but rather, we want options because we want them. It is very hard to be selfless and humility when we are not ready. We are too occupied with worldly matters that we forget to thank God though pain and happiness. Most of us only call Him amidst the trouble but after it, we tend to forget Him again. We hurt Him because of our sins and until now, we are torturing Him. But as a Father, He constantly loves us no matter what because we are His Children.

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His Son to whosesover would believe in Him. Should not perish but have everlasting Life”

I feel so renewed and empowered. It was my first Sunday mass for the year and thankfully, I submitted my day for the Lord. I’m looking forward the whole new week. I hope I’ll bear in mind the virtues I have learned and share them. I hope I could make the mass next Sunday and be enlightened again.

Thank you, Lord. Your undying power and love have transformed me once again. You know me all along and never abandoned me. Through pain and suffering you held me and still, I am weak. I am weak without You. So please help me see You and guide me so I may find You. I love you Lord and to You, I offer my everything. 

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