If things are not bound to happen, then it won’t happen.

It isn’t easy forgetting whatever made me happy for the past months. Since I decided to fully ignore everything, I’ll be reoccupying this blog with inspiring and interesting things I have in my mind instead of blabbing on too much teenage drama I’ve been dealing.

Sure, it won’t be easy to think that I see this person almost everyday but then again, if things are not bound to happen then no matter how hard I pray each night or no matter how poetic my poems are, then it won’t ever happen. I think this will be a good lesson for me.

What lesson? No to expectations. I should not assume things because most of the time that I do, I get hurt by expectations. I learned that my friends are my greatest chums because they helped me with my problems and thanking them is underrated.

I wouldn’t be happy for the past months if it isn’t because of somebody. He made me laugh, write, be myself and most especially to appreciate life. But this thing is unrequited although I’d say that I only appreciate him. I’ve changed a lot and I changed for the better. I wrote things much more than before and I’ve improved a lot.

Once in a while, it’s great to have inspirations but that is all that things are gonna be because if things are not bound to happen, then it won’t happen. If it’s not really planned by God, then He got bigger plans that what I wanted.

And I wish I’ll be happy with how things are gonna be.

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