Making mistakes since ’93

I’m no saint. That’s for sure. I’m a human and like you, I make mistakes. And when I say mistakes, I mean a lot.

For sure, I’ve made my heart broken whenever I give somebody my heart. Unrequited, as you say it. I think these mistakes will finally lead me to a great one. Well, I wish. I’m not good at this, not at all. I’m not good with these situations.¬†Butterflies are always on my tummy and they make me sick. You always tear me apart.

If I have a crush on you, I hope and pray you will figure it out because I will probably never tell you. I’ll ignore you and won’t say a thing about my feelings so I kinda hope you could read between the lines. Maybe that’s one of the ¬†mistakes I make since then but what can I do? I’m deliberately shy around you!