A Rollercoaster Ride

Rollercoasters are definitely brain cracking and scary. And that is one of the things I hate most. Well, I should compare this day to a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

It isn’t a Ber-Month but it’s really cold that I am getting sudden chills whenever I open the shower. It’s freezing and I just want to cuddle, sleep all day and maybe read a good book. But since we are about to pass a report on Software Packages about Adobe Illustrator, I must wake up and fight my laziness. I was on school at 8am.

But when I thought everything was going right, we had a license issue problem with out software resulting to not passing our project and that sucks. We have to pass that for the next week and I just wish we’ll make it.

It was around 10am when Ate Sheng and Kuya Rio with their daughter Pringles went to our university to talk about God. They were Thea’s and Mhaan’s churchmates who wanted us to realize the love of God. I am really impressed with them. I’m happy I attended their mini-talk because I realized things I did not think about.

We first played a 7-up game and phew, I got lost three times. But it was a good game. We really had a great time playing with my classmates. Then, Kuya Rio talked about receiving our God’s gift to us. I won’t forget February 4, 2012 because it was today, that I accepted Jesus as my everything and I want Him to own me too. Maybe I was to attentive and inspired that Ate Karen asked me to what I feel about being God’s daughter. I answered I was so proud and happy with no extent.

In life, we tend to ask and ask things to God but He has bigger gifts that if we could only ask Him, He’ll give it to us. We prayed hard that time and I felt Jesus’ presence with us.

I spent my noontime with my buddies, Joy and Thea until lunch and we answered some of our Accounting assignments and we chatted so much. It’s fun being with them because I can be myself without hesitations.  We had a seminar about Leadership and we had speakers from our past organization’s presidents. I’m so proud with what they have achieved and they’re so good. I specially loved Kuya Efren’s talk and Ate Chu’s lesson.

It ended quite late and I arrived at home at 8pm.

One of the trials I encountered this day is the pressure we have with our Accounting Professor. She gave a failing mark to some of my classmates which is really heart breaking to think we are not yet done with this semester.

I just wish that they’ll accept whatever is happening with them because God is always there. I want to hug the five of them.

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