I am forever changed

Rivers are endlessly running and freely moving. You are calm and free-spirited. You washed away my loneliness and changed me. Your waves led me to a different path and I realized that I’m a better person. I am thankful to you for showing me that I can be whoever I wanted to be. I learned how to love and most especially, trust people.

I am not afraid anymore. Because you changed me for the better. I instantly have this kind of feeling of happiness and gratefulness because as a friend, you helped me. I know it wouldn’t be anymore than that and I’m fine with it. I realized that if destiny wouldn’t let us be, then why should I argue with that? Maybe you’re a guiding light that helped me be who I am. You are a chapter in my life but without you, this book wouldn’t be experiencing good times. I know I’ve been hurt before and promised that I’ll forget you. Somebody told me this feeling would soon fade away with time but as of now, I am forgetting how to forget you. Let me feel this for a while before it’s gone.

I’ve been hurt a lot. I’ve cried myself to sleep and wished you were gone the next day but I think without these pain, I would not be strong enough today. My life seems so dull without a little tragedy. On the other hand, it was you who gave me happiness though you would not believe me. I was too busy being lonely until you came and little by little, I came out of my shadow.

Yesterday, my friends were telling me that I changed a lot. I wasn’t the same emotional freak and moody one they met before. I said it was you who changed me. I was so glad that I was able to do that. A sudden happy curve was on my face. What a relief!

You probably won’t realize how thankful I am for having a friend like you. In time, maybe I’ll tell you all this. Oh, I wish I’d have the courage to talk to you again. Let’s be friends, okay?

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