I’ll miss you until I don’t anymore.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if I tell you I’ve loved you in my own little ways. I’ve always admired you- your silliness, your crazy acts and nonsense little talks. All of your flaws, to be exact.

Hey, I don’t want to ruin everything so I’d probably won’t tell you because maybe if I do, you’ll start to ignore me more. Yes, I noticed that we are going on our separate ways. There are no more words spoken, no more hi’s and hello’s and most of all, we just treat each other like acquaintances gone wrong.

I’m still a friend, though. Someone you could run to and tell stories and even share jokes. Yes, I can be that adviser you once thought I was. Maybe it’s better this way.

I’m gonna miss you. It’s strange I’m saying these because I don’t usually tell I’m gonna miss someone. I just don’t want to spoil everyone’s feelings.

Well, yeah. But this time, I think I need to figure out what love means to me. If I could start from the beginning, I’d still find a way to somehow see how great you are. And now, I’m about to avoid you at all cost to avoid being hurt again. I’ll miss you but right now, I’ll indulge myself to too much books until I don’t remember you anymore.

One day, I’ll miss you until I don’t remember loving you. I’ll miss you until I don’t anymore.

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