Happy Days Ahead

I thank God how happy I was yesterday. That is probably the best Saturday I had. Well, to resume my blog (I haven’t really finished it since I’m doing something with Adobe After Effects) I’m gonna blab about it!

For the past months, I’ve been really wondering how will my college life affect me as a whole and how will I remember it. I sure hope it wouldn’t be as bad as my high school days. Oh noes, I don’t even want to think about High School.

A lot of great things happened yesterday. First off, the prayer meeting we had. I swear I’m so happy in and out. I felt so alive and free. After that, we took some photos and I felt closer to Pucca Group. They’re really awesome. It’s great that somehow, we’ve been together. That photobooth was so much fun and we’re gonna continue it because I’ll bring my laptop again on school next saturday. We had lunch with them too.

We held meetings for Product Planning and Development with the Sales Promotions Group and I wish we’ll do well on February 14. We’ll hold an event on school. Actually, it’s a JEMA Music Film Festival and we’ll have a bazaar thingy on the gym where we’ll sell our goodies and stuffs. We baked brownies called Eggnies!

And on Accounting Period, I swear I got my heart beating so fast! Thank God, Mrs. Lapuz accepted my classmates’ apology and we’re back on good terms! I got an extra point for my Midterm Grade because I was the Class Secretary! I mean, how awezuuum was that, right?

We got Film Festival too and guess what?! My story was chosen! Yeeey! I’m starting to be proud that somehow, my works are recognized. I’m really happy that my writings will soon be in motions. I can’t wait to see it! Joy said I contributed a lot on this class. Well, I don’t remember much but if I do, I wish I made everyone happy. And I was appointed to edit the music film we have. I’ll upload it once it’s done.

I got my batch shirt too! Well, we all have one. We’ll wear that on Valentines.

Oh, speaking of Valentines, I got date! Date with my friends.

Thank you, Lord for being so kind! :’>

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