The best things in life are free

I don’t know how to describe what I am feeling right now. Yes, I’m tired but I am too much happy with what happened today.

Happy Valentines Day to you, reader! I now realized that Valentines could be so much fun! I am fortunate enough to spend this day with my classmates and groupmates! We definitely had the best this day.

We first baked 200+ brownies and packaged them. Then we officially opened the Mini Bazaar and that is so much fun! The ribbon cutting was just really awesome! I am thrilled that we got a good sales. Yep, I’m tired but what I am thankful for is that I’m still in a good mood and I am appreciated because of the music video I edited.

Yep, we won that Music Video Festival. We ranked the second but I felt we are the big winner because although we are so much occupied with the Product Planning and Development event, we still managed to come up with a good video. I’m so proud of them. And thanks to you too, Adobe After Effects CS5!

Nikki even hugged me because we won. Aww, thank you! They congratulated me. I feel so happy! Thank you, Lord! And I went home with my best buddies. Nina even gave me a gift. Naaaw, my friends are just so sweeeeet!

I don’t want to end this happiness. I just don’t want to end this.

And, the band who performed was soooo gooood. I specially loved the drums! Awzuuum! :’>


Kudos, BSBA-MM 3-1 of Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Taguig Campus! I looove you!