I Hate Goodbyes

Call me melodramatic but I can’t bear people saying goodbye.

This school year will be ending very soon. In our case, we’ll bid goodbye to MM3 in less than a week. I may not show my emotions with this but I’m really sad that it’ll be summer soon- and I won’t get to see my friends and classmates. I am scared to the fact that sooner, we’ll be fourth year college students. Can you believe that? I’m so young and naive still. I’m only eighteen! I can’t face responsibilities yet. I’m scared that sooner I’ll say goodbye to my university. I don’t even want to imagine it. It’s horrible!

When I was younger, I used to like suspension of classes. I’m usually glued to televisions and wait for the announcement that classes are suspended due to heavy rains and if that happens, I’m the happiest girl in the world. I jump up and down for a couple of seconds just to express how glad I am that I won’t be there at school listening to those nonsense talks of my teachers, those boring lessons and same old chit-chats. I’d rather sleep in my bed or probably, read a good book.

But I’m different now.

I realized that after all these years, after schooling, I will finally step on this another phase of my life. That will be surely weird for me. Specially that I don’t really like changes. I’m not used to big changes, I should say. Ugh, how can I even say this?

I always loved learning- that’s a fact. I loved listening to literature read by my teachers, and learning things hidden in those pages of books that is full of doodles at the back. I love the feeling that I get when I finally got the right answers on mind-cracking math problems, those x and y that never will be used in real life and those accounting formulas that froze my brain. I loved the wind blowing in my cheek after those exhausting joggings and volleyballs. I loved the smell of new History books that carries a lot of stories about the past that intrigues me. I loved the feeling that I’m sitting on my bench on Doty Building, third floor, last room on the left wing, first row, third seat.

I will surely miss everything. I mean, this will be my last year. My last chance to prove myself that I know and learned things. My last year to be with my friends, to be with my teachers. My last year to be a student wearing the same uniform for the last four years.

I am thankful that somehow, I got this kind of life. I am blessed so much by Him and I will forever thank my parents for educating me first hand.

I hate goodbyes but who knows? Future might be scary but I’d like to know what’s in there.

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