To The Infinite Me

If the universe is infinite, then that means that its is possible that not only is there another world like earth, but also there is, on one of those worlds, a person exactly like me. In fact, there are infinite copies of me, and infinite copies of me who, by chance might be slightly different. If we exist because a random coming together of circumstances allows it, no matter how small, after an infinite number of chances for that to reproduce itself, it happens.

If there is somebody like me in a different world, I want to know her. Who knows we may even be great friends. If we exist at the same time and live at the same universe, is it possible that someday, we’ll bump on a crossroad and in a second or two we’ll realize we looked the same?

If there is an infinite me, then I wonder what is she doing right now. I wonder what kind of life she have, what is she thinking right now. If there is an infinite copy of me, then I wonder how will I be identified as me.

If there is somebody who is exactly like me, I wonder if she thinks there are other copies of her too.

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