Looking Back

Go on, look back at those old photos of yourself.

See your smile on that lazy afternoon? You were thirteen that time, having the best of your life. You were playing like a child with your friends. Where are they now, by the way? Are you still friends with them? Look at those simple yet amazed eyes. You’ve changed a lot. You’ve lost that muchness you have in you.

Look at those changes.

I’d like to think you’re growing up. But is this what growing up does to people? Changes? I know beneath your guilt, anger, depression and dreams still you have your child-likeness in you. Grow up, but don’t grow apart. Don’t grow apart with your usual self.

Have that smile you used to have. Feel like you’re still thirteen and having the best of your time. Feel like you’re having a cup of tea with your friends. Feel like you’re never weak, never scared of the future.

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