Day Four Tutoring Koreans

I arrived at 2:45 at the house and I found the three boys watching Howl’s Moving Castle on TV.

It is one of the most memorable day for me because I got my first paycheck :”> and when Simon and I were discussing, Mrs. Kim caught us having Korean Letters in our book. She told me we only have a little time so I must only teach English. Haha. I’m a bad teacher!

I gave Charlie two TofiLuk and I gave the ring I promised Simon. He loved it but it was big for him. I told him I’ll bring another on Monday. Simon is such a sweet boy. I gave him my green post-it notes too and a page from my doodles. He loved it!

James and I just talked mostly about Korean dishes especially the thing that moves likes octupus. They eat them chopped but alive! I said it’s scary but he said it tasted good and we both laughed.

I also bought Pepero and a Korean Noodle at a nearby Korean Mart. Pepero tastes good! :’>


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