Art Junkies

I find it so sweet when people appreciate the things I do. Specially if I really loved what I’ve done too.

The past week was so drenching and for me to neutralize my mind and body, I have to find an outlet to pour my energy and at the same time, entertain me. So I managed to go back again to what I love: ART. I don’t do paintings and such, but I paint and brush on Photoshop. Yes, you read that right. I do some photo manipulation and photo effects on my very own Photoshop CS5.

So far, it went well. I did everything even the requests of my friends. I thought of charging them but meeeh, I should do this without monetary obligations, just pure passion. And a lot of people who asked me to make them a photo mash-up thank me but I felt that they don’t really like it. Sometimes, that makes me sad because I put everything that I can in every photo I do. It is very much disappointing if they just don’t appreciate them. As I said, a simple thank you is enough.

Jill made a very promising act this day. She posted the photo I did for her on her social networking accounts! What a sweetie! She even made a blog post about it. Well, that’s very much appreciated. I am so happy that someone likes my art. I feel so grateful and tonight, I made so many photos again. Inspired? You may say that!

Thank you! You know that I love you, right?

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