Day Six Tutoring Koreans

I arrived a bit late than usual because of the heavy traffic at Sucat.

I think today is hotter than yesterday. Oh, summer! Well, here’s the things we did:

  • James and I were having so much fun today. We laughed randomly and said he is a Toktokhada like Simon. He learned some tagalog words from me too. :”>
  • Charlie just ate for the whole hour. He did some drawings too. Man, that kid can do art!
  • Oh, Simon is a great, great kid. We finished a 7 exercises unlike the two boys. He is so smart. Yep, he is kanji and totokhada.
  • Because of that, I promised Simon I’m gonna bring him something tomorrow. He likes Pikniks so I think I’ll buy him one.
  • I gave Simon my flashlight and he loved it. I gave him a ring, my doodles and my ticknotes.
  • Why am I doing these on bullets?
  • Nicko would probably let me apply for an academy. I’d work on the mornings at school as an English Korean Teacher and at 3pm, I should head to Mrs. Kim’s house to teach James, Charlie and Simon.
  • That is another blessing! I hope I’d make it.
  • Dude, why is this on bullets?
  • Happy, so happy!
  • Oh, bullets.

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