Deep Thoughts at Midnight

These are the moments that I really think deep.

Here are the seconds that I treasure the most. In this very moment, when the night is slowly fading to give way to another day, I am fully awake and absorbing the thoughts that surrounds me. In this very moment, I could only hear my heart beat and the soft music on my ear. In a few minutes, I’ll be starting a new day, perhaps a new life.

I’ve been thinking about life most of the time especially when I’m alone, drowning in my surreal thoughts. I loved being alone. It is when I could have a peace of mind and have a time on my own. Like this, I could easily sort out certain things.

Right now, it’s a battle between happiness and loneliness. I’ll be leaving this day and gone is yesterday. I’ll be leaving what I’ve had this day to the past, and never will I have them again because what is now is just for today. I’m a day older, too and that is a bit odd. Tomorrow is not for sure a great day but I hope it would turn out fine. It is not given that I’d live for another day but what is important is I’ve done something good today- just for today.

It’s 11:56pm on my clock and in a few moments, I’m leaving to become a new person.

In a few seconds, lights will soon be bright and others would fade too. In a second, we’re done but what we have is here now. This moment is ours. When the sun shines later this day, I hope it would touch my face, reminding me there’s hope.

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