Live this Moment

At this very moment, drop your worries and enjoy because you only live once and you’re living now.

Look at those strangers on your way to work. Smile to them and maybe, just maybe you’ll ease the pain they’re carrying for just a second or two. Appreciate the art around you. See those wall paintings? Appreciate the hands who made them alive. See the beauty that unfolds them. Make new memories and have a diary to write things on or blog them. Understand your parents because what they want is for us to be better. For once, stop commuting and start walking and see that changes around you.  Hear the music around you. Feel the sound of kids playfully running down the street because one day, they’ll grow up and hearing them chuckle today is amazing. Be a kid at heart, and be an adult in mind. Understand the fact that there are certain things we cannot change. Sometimes, these changes can bring us down but look at the bright side and if you see no positive things, rely on your faith.

We only live once. Today we are here, tomorrow we’re gone.

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