Day Fourteen, Fifteen and Sixteen Tutoring Koreans

(Alternative Titles: The night I was lost in my own city; The afternoon of overflowing emotions; The night I revived myself)

Day Fourteen: Nothing much happened

Day Fifteen:

  • Yep, you guessed that right.
  • I got lost in Paranaque.
  • Silly me.
  • Got another book.
  • I’m wasting too much money.
  • But I regret nothing!

Day Sixteen

Uh, it’s been a crazy day. I decided to go there at exactly 3pm and I want to be late. I purposely want to be late. The session started great until the last hour. Nico came running down the stairs and yup, I think he’ll quit. He’s been dealing with too much attitude and he’s done. I am not quite sure.

Then Simon cried. Pity. But he said it’s not because of us. Awww. He’s too fragile. I want to comfort him.

I attended a Midweek Celebration at the Church Yeyyy!

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