Goodbye and Hello

I can’t believe how hard it is to face reality. And how difficult it is to accept changes.

It’s been a month since I started working as a tutor to Korean Students. At first, I said to myself that this summer job is for the things I want to buy but little by little, it changed into a routine and the Koreans took part into my life.

I miss them. If that’s the way I should say it, then I do. I’ll miss the village, the time when I log in to the book and walk around the road. I’ll miss the big houses where I fancied most of the time living inside. I’ll miss the hot sun burning my skin everytime I walk through the unshaded parts of the concrete roads. The silence, the murmurs. I’ll miss the air blowing my hair when I got to the gym and the reflections I see when I look into car mirrors. It’s been a month away but this day, this time I took my chance in fully seeing the house where I am tutoring them. I’d like to print it on my mind and never forget them.

I’ll miss the times when I arrive first and sit at the sofa and try to read a book. I’ll miss my co-teachers too. I’ll miss the kids.

I’ll miss the way James answer the questions because as he said, he’s intelligent. I miss his pronounciations of Filipino words and how he shared his Korean facts to me. I’ll miss him because he’s too sweet and his smile is contagious. I will surely miss his childlikeness.

I’ll miss Charlie and his silly thoughts. I miss his laziness and the way he shares his stories to me. I’ll miss his drawings, his non-existent imaginations. I’ll miss him because he can be funny at all times and we laughed too much. I’ll miss him because even though he’s not that great in english, I know he could learn.

I’ll miss Simon. I’ll always remember the day when he cried. I want to hold him in my arms and tell him it’s okay. I’ll miss his super smart composition of words. I’ll miss his open-ness in me. I’ll miss the way he say *Teacher* to me. I’ll miss the way he ask for my opinion first before answering. I’ll miss him because he’s a good kid. And I’ll miss his happiness.

Even for a month, I managed to be in love with everyone including Mr. Jang, Mrs. Kim, Dominic, Tony, Kuya Ivan and Kuya Arvi, The Ates and Kuya even the dog.

Everyone is important to me.

I think without this, I could never have a perfect and happy summer. This is my last summer as a student and I am glad I had it this way.

I’ll miss you because I love you.

I’ll never forget you…

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