Why explore the universe when we don’t even know ourselves?

At age four, I started asking about life. At an early age, one of the few memories I still remember was when I got my knees skinned from playing outside our small home. I cried, but it does not matter because I got my time. I got my time as a kid.

When I reached grade school, my father was hospitalized for some sudden unexpected accident. I remember nervous shoutings,  crying, and most specially unspoken words from everyone around me. I have no concrete idea with what was happening exactly.

Thorough out my life, I’ve never been actually acquainted with myself. I still don’t know who I am. At 18, I have my dreams and goals but I am still figuring out who am I.

I started building my dreams as an astronaut. As a kid, I dreamed of travelling the whole world and even the universe. But gradually, as I research everyday about heavenly bodies and universal matters, one thing never leaves my mind: Loneliness. I prefer to be alone most of the times but my biggest fear is to be one.

Maybe, just maybe if I could only explore myself more then I’ll be ready to face new challenges inspite of my weaknesses. Maybe I’ll be then ready to take a new chapter and maybe, just maybe have the chance to see the world from the universe with my bare eyes.

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