Drum 101

It’s official! I’m enrolled at School of Music at All For Christ! *badduumm tss!*

After days of too much heartache at the thought of never redeeming my dream of learning this God-given instrument, our Maestro “Kuya” Francis told us we’re officially musicians. I, myself is a drummer, thank you.

I’ve learned a lot from this session. Thanks to Kuya Jr and Ate Je, I am so inspired and hopefully this energy will continue for the long run. They’ve handed out manuals too and we’ll be given some drumsticks (although I bought mine at the mall a week ago) and an improvised drumming pad.

How I wish I could pass everything in all the lessons. Because after all, this is a school of music. What’s bothering me is the last act of recital at the end of the school. I really have no confidence, ugh.

Yeah, it’s my first time this noon to try to create beats on the drum. Every note is good but I’ve done only one staff. I’ve received a lot of *very good’s* from our teacher. Ahh, angels are singing!

After my time to actually play the drums, my hands were shaking… First time, first try.

Oh, drums! *badummm tss!*

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