Routines. (Day 20 and 21)


Yep, you guessed that right. I’m back to tutoring Koreans again so I guess this is my 21st day teaching.

I’m teaching Remi, an adorable 12-year old girl from Busan, Korea. She’s a bit shy and does not speak English that well but I know she’ll improve a lot.

It’s odd to know that after a week or two of not having a job and missing them (Charlie, Simon, James), I’ll be back at the same block at BF Homes and see them. I actually don’t see them that much. I saw them after they got out of their van at 12pm in the afternoon and I’m out walking at the pathway on my way home. I think Dominic saw me. :>

Aaaah! And my Mama, Papa and my youngest sister were on Cagayan de Oro for a two-week trip. Me and my brothers were here staying at home because of school. It’s too hard budgeting for the whole week!

Jealous of them.

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