From Friends to Strangers

Remember our old elementary days? How we play excitedly after each class and how we laugh our ass off on that lazy afternoon? We’ve grown apart and we’re so much different now. What happened to the old us?

Remember how we sat on that Mango Tree near the school just to hear all the stories we want to share like we own all the time in the world? You used to tell me all your deepest aches, including that story when you had your first major crush and he turned you down. Remember when we used to laugh at all the crazy things we did especially when we set the whole class up into greeting our Math Teacher a happy birthday though we clearly know it’s not his birthday that day? And we finished grade school. My, what a bucket of tear we had that day! You hugged me so hard I think I broke a rib. Haha! I still want to hug you every now and then. What happened to the old us? What happened to the friendship we used to share?

We went to High School but still kept in touch. We’re not on the same class anymore. We still see each other from time to time. Glances. All those unspoken words. You entered a competition you’re good at: Singing. Do you still remember how much I cheered for you? I still kept all my posters I did for you in my room (You can go to my house and see them). I got a sore throat from screaming your name and proclaiming to the world that I’m your biggest fan. You looked at me once in a while when you’re at the stage singing Michelle Branch’s All You Wanted.  By that time I revived in me our time when we sing together those Spice Girls’ songs. I knew you were great back then. I knew you can make the world go wow.

But you never talked to me. I don’t know, maybe it was about our schedules. We had so much tests that time and studying is a must. I’d love to chat with you and share the same old heartwarming stories like we used to do.

How are you now? I heard you’re in a university too. I saw you on some social networking site on the internet but, how about a personal connection? God, I missed you.

We’ve grown apart and we’re so much different now. What happened to the old us?

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