I fell in-love with a Stranger

There is nothing more exciting than falling in love with somebody you barely even know and never spoke to. You just admire him from afar wondering what he’s thinking about now.

It’s sort of letting yourself experience something that you’ll laugh about in the next years or so. You’re young, carefree and you love lavishly- the point is you can love. Love with almost anything only this time, with a person you don’t know. It’s a weird thing loving somebody whose name you barely even know yet the fact that he seemed to be perfectly imperfect with that smirked-painted face is enough for you to be reminded you can be crazy for some time. Sometimes falling in love with somebody saves you. Saves you from the current heart-breaking stories you have and somehow letting you forget that the world is unfair. Now, you have the feeling that you’re a step closer to him maybe because he’s finding his one true love too. Who knows? This might be the day.

Seeing somebody that gives you happiness in a second does not come every day. I would like to believe that they kind of remind me that sometimes, I can make my world spin out of control and let my feelings flow- just to be crazy. Because at one point or another, we are all crazy. And it’s normal to accept that we’re un-normal, if you know what I mean.

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