Monochrome in Pastel

Sometimes, we just want to be lost, when in truth, we just want to be found.

It could be hard for me sometimes. The Feasibility Study, the Organizational Behavior class, the Marketing Management presentation on Thursday, the Stratmark. All of these just boils down and would burst in a minute or a split of a second. I got too much pressure on me. Too much that I can’t handle it anymore.

And I’m happy for sometimes. One, because I have a twin. Not a biological one but I think she’s much more than that. She’s like a better half of me. A soul-mate-friend? Maybe. She’s me, only better. Jill is like a cold water when I’m pressured with too much speculations in life. When I talk to her, it’s like everything is okay. She’s a great, great friend. Which is why I am troubled when she’s sad, or when something is bothering her. We’re connected in some ways. We’re like sisters parted long time ago. We’re bestfriends.

Two, this boy I am crazy about. Last night, my cousin told me I was smiling when I slept. It’s so funny. I never smile when I’m asleep! (Or do I?) This should stop. For good.

What I wanted to say is, sometimes I feel so monochrome that I don’t find great things in my life but this night, I found two of the best things I have. Jill and this somebody.

Thanks for making me happy! (And you, somebody, I shall forget my feelings.)

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