A Family Reunion

It’s my Lola’s 71st birthday today and we had a little party for her to celebrate her long life.

It’s rather awesome that the cousins from around the whole Metro Manila gathered and cheered as we sung Happy Birthday to Lola. Sweet, too because they exerted effort and love just to be around.The night went crazy and everyone had their own 5-minute song or so at the karaoke booth. Excluding me, of course, saying I have an early class the next day and I don’t want to drink alcohol. (They believed at my excuse, Haha)

Once in a while, when the stress of school shocks and makes me feel unappreciated with all the efforts exerted, it’s good to have a family to hold on to. When life is striking me down, when friends don’t have the time, when everything is like stumbling upon me, I’m glad I have a great family.

We may not be perfect, but heck. Imperfections are what makes us perfect for each other.

Long live, love ones! <3

and more alcohols to drink soon.

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