Remembering and Letting Go

It was a cold August night. The moon shines so brightly and the clouds danced like it never did before. It seems like the wind is speaking a certain language she cannot fathom but it whispers to her ears some lovely words she wanted to hear.

“..I missed you”, she said. A quick teardrop ran on her right cheek. She immediately wiped it with her hands hoping nobody would see her crying on the front porch of her house.

She picked up the old photographs and a couple of journals and went straight ahead to the bedroom. She didn’t close the door, hoping he would come.

She closed her eyes while resting her head on the pillow remembering the old fantasy they made. A fictional world, a magical castle and a happy life. It could have happened just as long both of them believed in it. As long as they fear no one and they fight together.

Another tear rushed from her eyes and this time, her tears cannot be stopped. It was like river flowing from her eyes and drying her soul. She’s in pain, crumbled in the dark, under her heavy blankets and surrounded by pillows that she could hug.

“..I just miss you so much. Why didn’t love me at all?”

And she realized, fairy tales do not really exist. They should have made their dreams a reality. They should have turned their fantasies into a real scene.

And she knew he’ll never come unlike the prince of her dreams that would sweep her off her feet.

This is not that kind, no.

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