to the future boyfriend

*Please be guided that I’m only writing this because I want to show the future “boyfriend” (if there will be) that I can be sweet and at least I made a post about him before we met or we became a couple*

I find it really weird blogging this. So..

To the future boyfriend,

I especially like how quirky you can be, and how sometimes you’re a dork just like me. I like how you read and read and read books just like me and how you like manga books just like me. It’s awesome to have someone with me to talk to about weird things and facts that are happening around the globe. Especially the alien stuffs I’m obsessed without. And hey, thanks for listening to me about that rock band I was telling you about. It’s so good to have someone appreciate art with me too, you know.
It’s great to have you now because you could be a better me, you know. I love it when we both become each other’s best friend and we defend each other like siblings. I love you, because I’ve never seen anyone quite crazy like me. You saved me in a way or another.
I really dont know when you’ll arrive, I dont even know if I want you right now. But when the time is right, I’m hoping you’ll ease all my fears and wrap your arms around me and give me that one solid hug I’ve been waiting for. Dont be shocked if I cry a little, because its been an amazing adventure to get to you and now that you’re here im happy that we can share the next adventure together.

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