Just Recently.

I kept on reminding myself to be the healthiest that I can be but recently, I am troubled by too much pain- that stabbing pain in my heart that is almost shot through my upper left back in parallel to my heart. I get so confused what this is.

Last Friday, I thought it would be the end of me. I experienced a sudden painful migraine plus a rheumatic fever (which all of my brothers and sister have) and a stabbing pain in my heart. It’s much, much worse than having a broken heart from loving a person. It’s literally breaking your heart! I couldn’t do much and I couldn’t sleep well.

It was almost two hours. It’s as if I couldn’t breathe well and can’t function properly.

I’m too afraid that after my mama and I consult a doctor, I’d find out a worse case that I have but I have to do a check up. I must.

I don’t want to be sick, please. I have too much things to do and want to do. I may be bad, but I wish people would still pray for me and act serious when I tell them I’m sick and I’m not fine. It shouldn’t be a joke! Who would take this as a joke, honestly?

I pray that I have a better health. God, help me.

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