What do I love about life?

….waking up in the morning and seeing sun streaming through the ceiling, when i laugh so hard my lungs feel like they’ve constricted and my stomach aches, sitting somewhere quiet and just watching the sunset either by myself or with someone who matters, lying on my back and watching the stars, music that makes me dance, books,  cliche quotes like ‘you have to get through the rain to get to the rainbow’, literature, the power of words and also the power of not saying anything, finding people that make me feel at home, those moments i don’t want to end, breathing, feeling, opportunities, knowing i’m loved, the excitement of having no idea what my life is going to be like and who i’ll meet, and being impacted by every single person i meet too… i don’t know, i think i love all things about it. the simple and the complicated, the loud and the quiet. i wouldn’t change anything about my life really, because every second of it is turning me into the person i’m meant to be.

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